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Training, Workshops & Conferences

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Become a Residential Energy Advisor - Workshops being offered in Moncton and Fredericton

pdfEnergy Advisors Workshop Flyer

Registered Energy Advisor for New and Existing Homes Information Sheet

Steps to Become an Licensed Energy Advisor through Natural Resources Canada

 Press Release from Énergie NB Power for Energy Efficiency Rebates


Energy Advisors' Workshop – Become a Registered Energy Advisor


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The Canadian Home Builders' Association
New Brunswick
is a
Licensed Service Organization
of Natural Resources

Who Should Take This Workshop:

Future Energy Advisors

Building Officials
Home Designers
Builders Who Want to Model

Their Own Houses
Anyone Who Has an Interest

in Energy Efficient New Home Modelling and Evaluation



Step 1 – January 8-12 – Moncton

Step 1 – January 15-19 - Fredericton

To Register
complete the
registration form and send
it to our office with payment. 

We take VISA, AMEX  &
MasterCard for
your convenience

Participants may pay for
step in this
process separately.

207-403 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB
E3B 3X6
Telephone: 506-459-7219
Fax: 506-450-4924
Email: nbhome@nbnet.nb.ca  

and R-2000 are official marks of Natural Resources Canada
and used with permission.

For More Information about

the training process or

roles of a Registered

Energy Advisor please visit: www.nbhomebuilders.ca

Sponsored By:

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Residential Energy Advisors' Workshop

New & Existing Homes


A Registered Energy Advisor is a trained and licensed individual who conducts home energy evaluations to determine a home's energy efficiency on behalf of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and for other organizations such as NB Power. Energy Advisors consult with builders and home owners at the planning stage of new home construction to assist in energy efficient new home construction and complete an inspection at the end of construction to determine the home’s energy performance.  For existing homes, the Energy Advisor assists renovators and homeowners to optimize their home’s energy efficiency upgrades. Energy Advisors also provide guidance and technical support to assist clients in meeting the qualifications to receive a Label to confirm the home’s enrolment under NRCan’s three housing initiatives: EnerGuide Rating System for New and Existing Homes, ENERGY STAR® for New Homes and R-2000*.  


5 Steps to Becoming a

Registered Energy Advisor

Step 1 - Attend  Energy Advisor Workshop which will provide training on:

  • Responsibilities of an Energy Advisor who performs an energy analysis of houses;
  • The Code of Ethics, quality assurance and the auditing process for the EnerGuide for Houses Program;
  • Introduction to the future of energy efficient housing, building science, and the house as a system;
  • Section 9.36 of the National Building Code, prescriptive, reference house and proposed house, performance modeling and energy targets; 
  • An interactive introduction to opaque tables used to find RSI effective thermal resistances of common building materials;
  • The characteristics and energy requirements of fenestration, doors and skylights;
  • How to determine heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) performance requirements for energy efficient homes;
  • Preparation and enrolment to write the required “Foundation Level Exam” provided by Natural Resources Canada at a prescribed test centre. (Re-write fees are the responsibility of the student).

Cost: $1,995 + HST (Includes all workshop materials) (Participants are required to bring a lap-top (Not a Mac) and a calculator

NB Power is offering a $500 incentive for New Brunswick residents who successfully complete this training.

Training Locations & Dates:

January 8-12, 2017 – Moncton

January 15-19, 2017 – Fredericton

(5 Days In Classroom)

Step 2 – Natural Resources Canada - Third Party Administered Foundation Level Examination

Students who wish to proceed to Step 3 -  Mentorship Training - will be required to successfully complete NRCan’s Foundation Level Exam.  (Fee for a one-time Foundation Level Exam challenge is included in the Step 1 fee.  Re-write exam costs will be the responsibility of the candidate.)  The Foundation Level Exam will assess pre-requisite competencies such as communication, numeracy, safety, and building science principles.  Exams are administered by third-party test centres located across Canada. 

Step 3 - Mentorship
After successfully completing Steps& 2, students will be ready to begin the Mentorship component. Students will complete a combination of (8) eight files new housing and existing housing files with the supervision and instruction of our Registered and Senior Energy Advisor. Students will be instructed on the proper procedures for modelling, on-site inspections, blower door testing, reporting, file submission, home labelling, records management and quality assurance protocols.   

NB Power is offering a $500 incentive for New Brunswick residents who successfully complete this training.

Cost: $1,995.00 + HST

(5 Days – in Classroom and On Site Combined)

Training Locations:

February 5-9, 2018 – Moncton

February 12-16, 2018 – Fredericton

Step 4 – Natural Resources Canada - Third Party Administered Energy Advisor Examination

Students that wish to proceed to Step 4 -  Solo Evaluations-  will be required to successfully complete a NRCan’s Energy Advisor Exam.  (Fee for a one-time Energy Advisor Exam challenge is included in the Step 3 fee.  Re-write exam costs will be the responsibility of the candidate.)  The Energy Advisor Exam will assess competencies and knowledge of NRCan’s EnerGuide Rating System—Technical Procedures, the EnerGuide Rating System—HOT2000 User Guide, and the Quality Assurance Procedures.  Exams are administered by third-party test centres located across Canada. 

Step 5 – Learning to Fly Solo

Following the supervised evaluations and the Energy Advisor Exam, students must undertake various EnerGuide Rating System services independently, model (6) six house files (3 new home and 3 existing homes) in HOT2000, and submit all the data and files to the Service Organization’s Quality Assurance Specialist for review. The candidate must follow all aspects of the procedures associated with the service as described in the EnerGuide Rating System—Technical Procedures and the EnerGuide Rating System—HOT2000 User Guide.

In the case of the Existing Homes and New Home Construction, these evaluations may be “friendly” (houses belonging to friends or family members) that do not receive an official EnerGuide label.

Cost $200+ HST per file submitted.

Registration Information


Name of Company:

Mailing Address:

Telephone Number:

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Credit Card Number:

Expiry Date:

Name on Credit Card:

Register Me For:

Step 1 – 5 Day Plan Evaluators Workshop ($1,995.00 + HST)*

 Step 2 – Foundation Level Exam

 Step 3 – 5 Day Mentorship ($1,995.00 + HST)*

 Step 4 – Energy Advisor Exam

 Step 5 – Solo Files and Quality Assurance ($200.00 + HST per file)

Cancellation Policy.  All Cancellations that are received within (7) seven business days prior to the workshop or mentoring agreement will receive a full refund.  NRCan has their own cancellation policies which must be discussed by the individual with NRCan.

*NB Power is offering a $500 incentive for New Brunswick residents who successfully complete this training.

Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick

403 Regent Street, Suite 207

Fredericton, NB E3B 3X6

Tel: (506) 459-7219
Fax: (506) 450-4924