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As consumers, builders, renovators, retailers and service providers in the Residential Construction Industry, you are most likely being asked about the incentives and grants being offered by the  Provincial Governments for new home construction.

We have enclosed information for you that will enable you to answer your client's questions and direct them to where they can go to get additional information on incentives and rebates.

An Energy Evaluation Must be Conducted:

It is important to stress that in order to qualify for any of the  incentives under the New Housing Program an Energy Evaluation conducted by a trained and licensed Energy Evaluator working for a Service Organization under the Eco-Energy Program is required.

New Housing


The cost for a new home evaluation (ERS) is $520 + HST.

Find an Energy Evaluator:

The Canadian Home Builders' Association New Brunswick (CHBA-NB) is the service provider for the R-2000 Initiative and EnerGuide Rating Service. Requests for either of these services can be made by contacting our office at the numbers noted hereon.


Preferably at least four-weeks prior to construction, submit a complete set of building plans (complete with elevation, window and door schedule) the Request for Service Form, completed it its entirety, together with the payment to the address noted hereon. An evaluator will be assigned to your file who will "model" your house using the Hot2000 software. You will be advised what upgrades to include to obtain your desired energy rating. Upon completion of the construction of the house, contact the CHBA-NB office to make arrangements for the final inspection and blower door test. An EnerGuide for Houses Report and Label will be sent to you.

Note: An evaluation can be completed post construction, however, should upgrades be required to meet your desired energy target your options at this point are limited and in some cases may not be achievable or be cost effective.

More Information:

More information can be obtained by contacting CHBA-NB at (506) 459-7219,  or by visiting www.oee.nrcan.gc.ca

Other Grants:
CMHC, and Genworth Financial also offer grants/incentives to homeowners for new construction. For more information check out their websites at: www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca and www.genworth.ca