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Jacques LeBlanc, Metropolitan Homes Inc.

Written by:  Claudia Simmonds, CEO, CHBA-New Brunswick

(August 20, 2015) Dieppe (NB) - The Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick (CHBA- NB) has been promoting energy efficient construction and renovation for more than 30 years throughout the province.  Indeed, the Association and its members from coast to coast have played a pivotal role in promoting energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction across the country since the 1980s with the introduction of the R-2000 Program. The R-2000 Program was developed by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association in partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick (CHBA-NB) was one of several Service Organizations licensed by NRCan to deliver the R-2000 Program and we have certified thousands of homes in New Brunswick as R-2000 Homes.

Municipal by-laws and provincial legislation require building permits for most new construction, renovations, and demolition projects in the province of New Brunswick. A building permit is your local authority’s formal permission for you to start your construction project. The plans review, building permit, and inspection process protects each homeowner’s interests, as well as those of the community. It also helps to ensure that all construction is safe, legal, and sound.

Whether you’re buying new or resale, there are always a number of financial considerations above and beyond the purchase price of a house that may be hidden, forgotten or simply overlooked, but still need to be taken into account when you’re calculating exactly how much home you can afford.

To help make your calculations a little easier, CMHC has developed an easy-to-use Mortgage Calculator, available on our Web site at www.cmhc.ca. In general, however, there are a few “rules of thumb” you can use to estimate the maximum house price you can afford, the maximum mortgage amount you can afford to borrow, and the monthly mortgage payments that are right for your budget.

The popularity of radiant heating is due to the special kind of comfort it offers. Conventional baseboard heating, whether electric or hydronic, first heats the air in the room, which then circulates through convection currents. The body’s direct contact with the heated air provides warmth. However, a radiant heating system doesn’t heat the air. Instead, the heat moves directly to the objects in the room. The difference between the two systems is somewhat the same as warming your hands by a fire rather than using a hair dryer.

Buying a new home is always a big decision that takes a lot of thought, no matter what the housing market is like. It is a significant commitment, both financially and personally, and you want to make sure you are making the right move.

Today’s housing market offers exceptional value and affordability. The combination of highly competitive new home prices and historically low mortgage rates means greatly reduced monthly mortgage costs.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new home, you’ve probably read newspaper articles about how housing affordability is improving. But what does this really mean?

For most homebuyers, the “bottom line” is what they will have to pay, each month, to own their home. This is determined by two things: the price they pay for their home, and the interest cost of their mortgage.

If you are wondering about buying your first home, here’s some good news. This is a great time to purchase a home, so take a first step and start exploring your opportunities now.

Mortgage rates are at historical lows, which means it costs much less to carry a mortgage. On a month-to-month basis, the cost of homeownership may compare very well to renting a home. Why help someone else pay off their mortgage when you can invest in your own financial security? Consult with a mortgage specialist and find out how best to achieve your goal of owning a home.

In times of economic uncertainty, it is important to focus on facts.

The housing industry experienced a number of years of unprecedented growth in housing activity and escalating prices. A continued “hot” market was not sustainable and a cyclical downturn was expected.

Canada’s housing sector remains resilient. The housing situation is significantly different than elsewhere in the world. We are not experiencing a U.S.-style housing slump.

Today’s new homes offer more than ever. When you are ready to buy a home, one of your first decisions should be to visit the new home builders in your area and explore what’s available. Consider:

When thinking about buying a new home, one of the things that may be high on your list is energy and water efficiency, and other environmental features.

Homeownership remains an important personal goal for Canadians, with close to 70% of households owning their home.

Whether you are thinking about buying your first home or contemplating a move to another, a home purchase is a big decision. You want to make the right choice, and may wonder when is the best time to buy, particularly if you are entering the housing market for the first time.

Renovating your home is an exciting process. This article will help you make the right choices and develop a clear map to reach your renovation goals.