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Municipal by-laws and provincial legislation require building permits for most new construction, renovations, and demolition projects in the province of New Brunswick. A building permit is your local authority’s formal permission for you to start your construction project. The plans review, building permit, and inspection process protects each homeowner’s interests, as well as those of the community. It also helps to ensure that all construction is safe, legal, and sound.

In order to be aware of one’s responsibilities, always contact your local municipality or district planning commission well in advance of any construction on any property for applicable rules.

There are several significant advantages of building permits and other construction related permits such as electrical, plumbing, and natural gas permits  before starting construction:

  • It will ensure that construction in your community complies with the zoning by-law, including proper land use and appropriate set backs from the property lines

  • It  will  ensure  that  your  drawings,  plans,  and  specifications  will  be  reviewed  by  qualified professionals to ensure required codes and local by-laws are being followed

  • It will ensure compliance with all required codes and local by-laws as qualified inspectors will be on-site at appropriate stages of construction

  • It will improve safety for you, your family, visitors to your home, and future owners of your home

  • Money can be saved as you obtain the services and advice of qualified professionals will ensure that your building is constructed properly the first time

  • Your  home’s  dollar  value can  increase  and  liabilities can  be  decreased  when  you  show prospective buyers that all required permits and inspections are completed

  • It is the law! Most jurisdictions have significant penalties for not obtaining permits or for starting construction without permits. Working without a permit may cause you to lose your investment

When hiring a contractor, ask to see all required permits prior to starting any work. Permits must be posted on the construction site. Building permits help assure you that your home will be properly inspected.

Article submitted by:

Kevin Rickard, AANB, MBA
Project Manager
Building Inspection Review Initiative
Technical Inspection Services
Department of Public Safety
Province of New Brunswick
495A Prospect Street
Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5H1
Telephone: (506) 453-6058
Fax: (506) 457-7394
E-mail: kevin.rickard@gnb.ca
Andrew Stockton, CET, CBCO
President 2004-05
New Brunswick Building Officials Association
PO Box 3193, Station B
Fredericton, NB E3A 5G9
Telephone: (506) 853-3425
Fax: (506) 856 4357
E-mail: andrew.stockton@moncton.ca