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Everyone wants to save money on any home renovation project.  We all take pride in cutting corners and making what we have go as far as it can.   We also know how hard it is to find a builder or renovator you can trust.

The issue is that there are people who work in the residential construction industry who prey upon people’s desire to save money by not charging them HST or hiring people and paying them cash under the table for the work done on your home.

This issue is that they are cutting corners and putting you and their employees at risk.  We call these guys – the underground economy.  Often times, work is not completed to Code and more often than not they leave the homeowner with incomplete or shoddy work and the homeowner with no recourse because believe it or not, if you pay cash to a builder knowing that you are avoiding paying tax you are committing an offence. As for the workers, they have no pension benefits, employment insurance or workers’ compensation being paid on their behalf.  Oh, did I mention that if they get hurt on your property you could be liable to pay for treatment of their injuries?

If you know of someone who runs their business this way and have offered you a Cash Deal call us and report this crime.  We are working with the Government of Canada to help reduce participation in the underground economy.

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association stands for professionalism and integrity and we know builders who are eager to help you with construction projects who will do business the right way – the legal way.

Call us at 506-459-7219 – All calls are confidential.