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It is widely recognized that Canada builds the best homes in the world. Canadian builders have a strong tradition of excellence and work closely with government, researchers and manufacturers in a continuous effort to improve and build ever better homes.

The industry’s environmental success story demonstrates this commitment clearly. Canada’s home building industry started “going green” many years ago. Begun as a research project, energy efficiency became an integral part of new home construction over several decades, as thousands of builders were trained. Today, the housing sector is the only one in the country that has not only met, but also surpassed the Kyoto targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

When you buy a new home from a reputable builder, whatever the size of the company, you will enjoy the quality of construction that has made Canada the envy of the world. Consider:

  • Your builder understands the science behind building—how to make all parts of your home work together to optimize building performance and prevent building failure.

    This may sound “dry”, but it means that there is nothing haphazard or accidental about the way your new home is put together and how it works. Building science is the key to the livability, durability and comfort of your home, and protects your health as well as your financial investment in your home.

  • Your builder will offer you sound advice on energy efficiency, explain green features, benefits and cost in detail, and will build you a new home that will help you save energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact for years to come.

Individually, new home builders are constantly upgrading their own knowledge and skills so they can build better homes more effectively and stay competitive.

Collectively, hundreds of new home builders at any given time participate on committees and work groups with governments, researchers, regulators and other parties in an ongoing quest to improve housing quality, choice and affordability.

This ensures that homebuyers will continue to enjoy the best in housing, from design to construction to community development, from codes to financing to warranty.